Land Of The Sirens (2017)

Land of the Sirens concerns The Odyssey, one of the two Epics, along with the Iliad, attributed to Homer. It refers to the adventures of Ulysses (Odysseus), the King of Ithaca, after the mythological Trojan War. My work focuses on the adventure of Ulysses and his men on the island of the Sirens. The work includes sound objects which mimic sounds in the original narrative (crackling boat sounds, water sounds and pointillistic micromelodies that suggest the presence of the Sirens’ s chants) but at the same time, the work attempts to depict the internal psychological status of Ulysses who tries to resist and refrain himself from getting carried away by the sound of the Sirens, even though he goes through internal temptations – metamorphoses. Soundworlds emerging from a traditional Greek woodwind instrument called Floghera were also utilized throughout the work.